Kannada TV actress Shobha dies in road accident, TN Seetharam mourns on her death

Kannada TV actress Shobha dies in road accident, TN Seetharam mourns on her death: Kannada actress Shobha, who is very popular for her role in the hit TV serial Magalu Janaki, died in a road accident. The accident took place on Wednesday (July 17) in the outskirts of Chitradurga town located in Karnataka. The news of her death was confirmed by her TV show’s director and filmmaker TN Seetharam. The filmmaker also posted about the news on Facebook on Thursday morning.

As per to the report in IB Times, she was travelling in a car which was then later rammed into a truck, resulting in cause of her death. The report also further added that Shobha was travelling with seven others in the car which was on her way to their way to Banashankari temple in Badami taluk located in Bagalkot district when the accident take place. Out of the eight travelling in a multipurpose vehicle including Shobha, five died and the other three which also includes two children sustained some injuries. Reportedly, the accident took place when the tyre of the car burst on their way while travelling.

TN Seetharam, who is the director of TV show Magalu Janakki where Shobha played the role of Mangala, Anand Belagur’s mother in the show, told IB Times, “Ever smiling and highly talented actress Shobha, who was doing the role of Mangala, is no more. I am shocked over the tragedy and expressing my condolence to her family,”

He also wrote the note on Facebook in Kannada and then posted a picture of the late actor. She played the role of Anand Belagur’s mother in the serial, the report adds.

As per to another report, the accident took place due to the negligence of the driver. They all were apparently travelling to Banashankari Temple in Badami taluk in Bagalkot district.

Though there has been various reports releasing regarding on the concern of the accident but right now, nothing is confirmed yet that how and why this accident occurred. The investigation has started regarding this case and the investigation is going on to confirm the cause of the accident.

In the meantime, the Kannada TV and film Industry are expressing their grief and sorrow on this fatal accident of a hardworking actress, Shobha. The industry along with the general people are shocked and couldn’t believe this news until it was confirmed by the TN Seetharam. Everyone is expressing their expressing my condolence to her family and the social media is being filled with such messages and notes to express their condolence on this fatal incident.