Shocking! 10-year-old boy allegedly raped 6-year-old girl in UP

Shocking! 10-year-old boy allegedly raped 6-year-old girl in UP : On Sunday, a minor girl 6 years old was allegedly raped by a minor boy 10 years old in Inchauli area in the Meerut district, Uttar Pradesh.


According to police sources that this heinous incident of rape is alleged to have taken place on Friday night when the minor girl who is the daughter of a rickshaw puller, entered the neighbouring house to get some water.

They said that she was called by the minor boy in a room and allegedly raped her. The parents of the minor girl arrived at the scene, after hearing her cries for help and found her bleeding.

The parents of the victim girl registered a case against the accused minor boy. The victim minor girl was sent for a medical examination.

The police said that efforts are on to nab the accused boy in custody.

Uttar Pradesh becomes the famous for the rape in India. Everyday the rape incidents can be heard from this state. To whom the people of UP state blame for the rape – Government or Execution.

Recently, some bandits raped a woman and her daughter on the highway while they were on the way back to their home in the car. They tied the man with the help of rope to a tree and raped the woman and a minor girl in the field.