Shocking! A 15 years old minor girl was raped by her cousin at her grandfather’s home

Hyderabad: A minor girl was allegedly raped by her cousin several times in last month in Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh. The girl is only 15 years old. At the time of incident, the girl was staying with her grandfather. When she went to her mother and told about the pain. The mother of girl asked her about the incident.

Police registered a case against the rapist G. Sai, a Hyderabad native. Her grandfather Anjaiah and government school teacher Rajender Reddy encouraged Sai to rape the minor girl.


The girl belongs to the Kindisheshai Kunta village. She was working as a helper at a cotton mill in Dindi. She escaped from the mill and approached the Child Welfare Department, when the mother of girl tried to get her married seven months ago. But later, she was rescued and handed over the girl to her grandfather. Her grandfather was staying in Tavaklapur village.

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Officials of Child welfare department also deposited Rs 1.5 lakh in her name and the bank pass book was with her grandfather Anjaiah. The girl went to a school in Tavaklapur village till April 2016.

Her mother sent a legal notice to her grandfather because the girl was not going to school after april this year. Her mother asked her grandfather that why her girl was not going to school. Her grandfather did not give any reply but he sent the girl to her mother.

When she reached her mother, she complained of pain. After this she was taken to the hospital and doctor said that she was raped. Her mother asked her about the incident, then she told that her cousin Sai raped her at her grandfather’s home.

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Her mother registered an FIR in the police station.

Police Inspector C. Venkateshwar Reddy said that A month ago when she was watching TV and her grandfather was sleeping outside, then her cousin Sai raped her. The mother of girl alleged that Anjaiah and Rajender Reddy encouraged Sai to rape the child so that they can marry her to him and then get the money deposited in his name.

The Police sent the girl for medical examination and the police teams were sent to Hyderabad to trace Sai. The local Police registered a rape case against Sai, Anjaiah and Rajender Reddy under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.