Shocking! A Stepmother killed her stepdaughter in Mumbai

Mumbai: A woman 26 years old took the life of one and a half-year-old stepdaughter. On Sunday morning, the woman was arrested by the Mumbai police.


She hit the head of her stepdaughter against the wall and killed her. She done this inhuman act because an action to stop her crying as it was irritating the woman. The name of the woman is Rajiya Shaikh who is the second wife of Abdul Shaikh and they both got married just a year ago.

This is the second marriage of Abdul Shaikh. Abdul already has two children from the first marriage, a girl, and a boy. After taking divorce from his first wife, Abdul stayed with his children.

Abdul Shaikh is a caterer by profession. He carries his own business in Chembur.  While Abdul works, his second wife had to take care of her step children.  She did not like to take care of step children. The second wife of Abdul always hates both the children.

According to a police official said that she would sometimes leave both of them alone at home with no food to eat and visit relatives.

The police officer said that Her stepmother who wanted to sleep, tried hard to stop her bawling. Then, Rajiya gave the child some toys to play with but the stepdaughter threw them away. The anguished woman banged the head of child on the wall two or three times to stop her from crying. The stepdaughter became unconscious. Then her stepmother Rajiya immediately took her to a nearby hospital, but the child was declared dead during the treatment.

The stepmother confessed her crime. After this she was arrested by the Police. The postmortem reports stated that the cause of the death of baby is head injuries.