Shocking! Ajay Devgn’s Movie Shivaay got leaked Online tweeted by KRK

Shocking! Ajay Devgn’s Movie Shivaay got leaked Online tweeted by KRK : The Ajay Devgn’s directorial venture Shivaay which is set to kick the off screen on 28th October 2016 has been leaked. Well, this is a shocking news for Ajay Devgn and his fans as he did a lot of hard work in making Shivaay.


The Kamal Rashid Khan who was earlier exposed by the Ajay Devgn for taking money from Karan Johar for promoting Ae Dil Hai Muskil is posted the scene of the Shivaay on his twitter handle.KRK wrote on his Twitter handle that.” “First scene of #Shivaay”.


Although, KRK soon realised his mistake and within few minutes he removed the post, obviously he understand that Ajay Devgn and his team would have taken a legal action against him, that have costed him tons of money pay as a compensation to the losses of the movie.

Shibasish Sarkar, COO Reliance Entertainment put some light on this as he said ” well, we all know that  in the middle east the films open one day before. And, KRK must have copied from there. We have taken the required action against it and even informed to the cyber crime department in Mumbai. We have also taken the screenshot of his tweet, so to use it as proof against KRK.”

Sarkar further added that ” we will take the required action against KRK as a lot of money and hard work has been put in making this movie. In our country, there is strict action taken against this crime and even the accussed person will also go behind the bar.”

Well, the “Shivaay” is set to release within 48 hours and now, the copy has been leaked. Meanwhile, it will  be interesting to see, how Ajay Devgn will react to this issue.