Shocking! Al Qaeda wants Muslims calls for lone wolf attacks in Indian Target Police

Shocking! Al Qaeda wants Muslims calls for lone wolf attacks in Indian Target Police :- The AI Qaeda getting more violence and now they ae turn to India after Bangladesh and U.S., The AO Queda wants from the India to Indian Muslim to that carry out lone wolf attacks and they will decide to target the Indian police also their government.

Al Qaeda wants Indian Muslims to carry out lone wolf attacks; target police, administrative officials

According to the statement, Where the Head of al Qaeda terrorist organization in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) Asim Umar latterly requested Indian Muslims to not just take out lone wolf attacks.

Also from the source report where the SITE intelligence group are said that which are associated to those in Europe except more kill administrative and their police officers in India country,

the statements and day by day attacks are showing that the AI Qaeda wants to re-organize her power and prevent so much violence for everywhere.

It’s a note for clash occurs days after a significant attack in the city of Bangladesh, which is including a section of the Indian Subcontinent.
The blame for the attack was declared by ISIS and also the Mujahideen organization in Bangladesh.

The AL Qaeda further declared the report which was the four days after the U.S. State Commission named the organization as a “foreign terrorist organization” and also joined the Umar to the record of global terrorists.

Al Qaeda and ISIS or Daesh have been in a leadership fight to organize themselves in India and Bangladesh country. On the other side where Daesh had ahead in the year issued an announced report that Bangladesh was a decisive place for them as all can begin attacks on Myanmar and then move to the India for extra attckes.

Al Qaeda normally doesn’t advise lone wolf attacks, however, Report Department administrators told that both the terrorist organizations were supporting lone wolf attacks.

They have not been capable of setting themselves in India still. It was more difficult to trace and catch lone wolf attackers, such as the Orlando criminal or the California invaders.

The team which is made for terrorist swaps that for terror outlay because January has pointed to the suspension of over 50 ISIS persons, during the Delhi Police had defeated a terror area and got AQIS members in the last year 2015.

International terror organization similar Islamic State and al Qaeda are working to restore the homegrown terror gears same Indian Mujahideen or Pakistani terror gears before-mentioned as Jaish-e-Mohammed.