Shocking! Anil Kapoor issued a notice by the Railways for his local train stunt

Shocking! Anil Kapoor issued a notice by the Railways for his local train stunt :- A day after versed Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor was seen inclining out of a suburban local passenger train through a promotional event for his upcoming show “24”, the Western Railway here on Friday spank a notice on the production house responsive for an explanation on such acts by the actor.

“In spite of the terms and conditions to abide strictly to safety and security while a shot, Anil Kapoor allegedly appeared to be inclining out from the footboard of a suburban train through a promotional shoot on July 14,” said an executive of the Western Railway.


This could be observed with videos and photo uploaded on various social media channels, the executive added.

Now, the Western Railway has demand for an elucidation from the production house M/s. Market Men Consumer & Events Pvt. Ltd. in this regard.

his upcoming television action-drama series, “24: Season 2”. Anil begins with a short local train ride from Churchgate station followed by crowds of fans and media persons in tow rope to Publicize his upcoming television action-drama series, “24: Season 2”.

Inspired by the popular American TV series “24“, it will mark his debut to the small screen in the character of Jai Singh Rathod, to be roll out on Colors channel from July 23.

The Western Railway official revealed that by rolling out of the moving train from the footboard, the actor could incite youngsters to perform alike stunts.

Beset with many such cases in the past when youngsters executing daredevil stunts have been killed or forever disabled, the railway administrations have constantly campaigned for protection and security during train commutes.

furthermore his live action, Anil also associated with local train commuters and posted pictures of his commute on social media sites.