Shocking! Dalit Beaten To Death By 46 People Upper Caste Man in Gujarat village

Shocking! Dalit Beaten To Death By 46 People Upper Caste Man in Gujarat village :- Shocking! A Dalit man was beaten by the 46 people in the Sodhana village, Gujarat state, The reason behind it that’s a Dalit and beaten by the upper caste Mer community where in this case allegedly led by involving village sarpanch Harbham Karavadra also. heading to pressure in the area and police deployment.

Dalit man beaten to death by 46 in Gujarat village

According to the reports, A 42-year-old Rama Singrahiya was allegedly beaten to death using the sticks and hatchets when he was giving castor pearl on a land in the Sodhana village And after the allegedly hit he died in PDU General Hospital in Rajkot a succeeding day .

Where the three main criminal peoples which name are Parbat Karavadra, Lakhu Mer, and Nilesh Babar was Friday arrested in contact with the incident. The populace was allegedly headed by village sarpanch Harbham Karavadra.

The conflict started in a tight position which marked Mer society members meet along the Porbandar-Jamnagar road, which goes into the village, as a club of Dalit men gathered nearby a paan shop.

Mer society members affected the plot where Rama was working is the gauchar area, intended for animals browsing. where two men used by Rama for sowing roots were further hit after.

Rama’s house rested on a dharna bordering the office of the SP in Porbandar, asking that he be engaged on the field he was developing for the least 15 years.

Rama’s elder sister Veji Pandavadra said They chopped him into bits, none of proceeded to his rescue as they fret the sarpanch. We want him to be defeated there.

Although a farmer from the Mer association said that Rama should be engaged in the area booked for Dalits. He declared that the family would want to make the temple and ‘encroach’ upon the field early.

The village has around 8,000 people and this adds 300 Dalit houses. Porbandar area representative Dinesh Patel said Rama had presented an appeal to regularize the 19 bighas of the home he had been improving. He insisted that the village panchayat could murder ‘encroachment’ on the find land by reason.

Still, Rama’s fellow Suman Chavda challenged 96 men from the upper class have more invaded the gauchar area.