Shocking Episode! Mere Angne Mein 5th September 2016 Written Updates

Shocking Episode! Mere Angne Mein 5th September 2016 Written Updates : The show starts with Sarla and Pari coming to Shanti Sadan. Sarla told Kaushalya that I was too busy in work but I still came to this house to solve the problem. Kaushlaya says yes. Sarla think does Shanti knows what is happening in my house? But later, she thinks Kaushalya is a cow and she does know anything.


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Mere Angne Mein Written Updates

Kaushalya asked Sarla to take money. Pari told Sarla will you take money like this? Sarla says no first I will sit on the swing like Shanti and then, I will take the money. Riya came there and asked how you will set of Swing? Sarla says I know you want to sit on the swing. Riya says No and she asked Sarla to sit on the swing.

Sarla sits on the swing and Pari moves the swing. Pari brought the crown for Sarla but Sarla sits on the crown. Pari asked Riya to bring the curd and sugar for Sarla.

On the other side, Rani was serving food to Ashok. But, Nirmala was eating from the Ashok’s plate. Ashok told Nirmala that I will not eat from your plate. Nirmala says don’t say this I am your wife, otherwise I will take legal step to get my right. Nirmala asked Pari to cook hot parathas for Ashok.

Kaushalya feeds curd to Sarla and gave her money. Sarla says I will run like a house because Shanti called me and Kaushalya cannot manage this. Nimmi told Sarla that Mummy manages everything and never utter a word, but it does not mean she cannot take care of anyone.

Amit asked Nirmala to give some money, but Nirmala denied. Meanwhile, at Sarla Sadan, Riya thinks how this house will run? She asked Kaushlaya for working again. Kaushalya says the bad day will pass soon. A lady came and asked for Rs 1000 as a bill for red chilli. Kaushalya told her Sarla is not at home, so came later.

Nirmala asked Ashok to not misbehave with Ashok and gave him money. Amit says to rename the bungalow on my name. Nirmala says later.

Sarla returns to Shanti sadan and Kaushalya told her about a lady asking for Rs. 1000. Then, milkman came and asked for money. Sarla gave him Rs 500 less and blamed for mixing water in milk. Sarla thinks I will not give a single rupees to anyone.


In the upcoming episode, Kaushalya will tell Riya that Shivam has changed after his marriage. Riya promised Kaushlaya that she will return his old son to her.