Shocking : Facebook selfie help’s to catch a killer after seven-year

Shocking : Facebook selfie help’s to catch a killer after seven-year : Facebook is basically social media application in which we sharing our thoughts activities nd photos nd ideas , The facebook feature which is “Facebook selfie” . According to the updates, This Facebook feature Facebook selfie are getting help for the finding a seven-year-old killer and now its catch by police for behind bars.

Facebook selfie hepl's to catch a killer after seven-year

Many people ar using this facebook feature without any thinking ,basically it’s a daily using app for everyone who’s interested in the social life and almost everyone .

The Socking news from the Trichy : According to the latest reports, in the Tamil Nadu where the old man which name is “Mani” and his age is 45 year. this old man Mani has come from the “abroad” for settling in Nanniyur in Ariyalur district, Tamil Nadu with his wife in the year 2009. where the Mani is getting non-trusted own her wife with the highest point.
Then in the August 2009, The Mani are fighting with her wife and between the fight Mani killed his wife without mercy and then after the next day Mani are going anywhere and the local police do not find him but local police finding him dead wife in bloody pool and after that the local police are not found the criminal Mani.than the case is cloesd for seven year.

But after the seven years with the order of escape , The 45-year-old Mani are again located in the Chennai, With the new identity as the name of the ‘Kandaswamy’ and in the Chennai city the Mani work in a restaurant as a server.
Mani works in that students for the past three years as a server in the Tondiarpet. But in the Kerala Mani’s parents are knowing that his son is death.

But suddenly the whole condition changes where the Mani relatives seeing Mani in a restaurant in the Ariyalur. Then his family found him in the restaurant and when confirmed that he is Mani and also by the Ariyalur Deputy Superintendent of Police P Muthukaruppan.
Now Mani is under custody in the Tamil Nadu police nd takes a justice for his wife.