Shocking! Google AdSense Bug Cancels Massive Number Of Accounts in Last 24 hrs

Shocking! Google AdSense Bug Cancels Massive Number Of Accounts in Last 24 hrs :-OOPs! What happen, The Google AdSense Bug Cancels the massive number of the Accounts in the last 24 hours, Where the Google was sending the mail for those which is canceled that Google AdSense Accounts.

Google AdSense Bug Cancels Massive Number Of Accounts

According to the report, Where the Google don’t give any official statement related to the Canceled the Massive Number Of Accounts of the Google AdSense, And those account holders are getting lots of trouble, and they can do it anymore on this google active.

Across the preceding 24 hours or consequently, Google appears to have canceled a huge number of Google AdSense accounts. Where only just e-mails are proceeding to those specific managers that described, “Your Google AdSense account was latterly canceled.”

Regarding path, that is creating extreme confusion in the help panels. While experience, if I stuck within my personal account, I notice a breach notification however while I succeed on it to get action, it states where are no defilements.

Hither is a screen shot of the multiple e-mail administrators are holding.


Hither is the infringement report, If I succeed in, it responds “You have no record level command holes on the account, Thank you.

A top contributor in the forum implied this is a bug. He wrote:

We (I am talking as Top Contributor who are not Google employees) have no updates on this “Problem”.

It seems like a big issue, and I am sure a TC/Google themselves will update people when they / we have more information.

Where are tons and weights of objections on that on Twitter site and frequently in the Google AdSense Help forums? But there is no response from the Google side.