Shocking: Massive Fire Engulfs Gaur City’s 14th Avenue Society in Greater Noida

A horrifying incident of massive fire has been reported from Greater Noida today. It has been reported that a huge fire broke up today in Greater Noida’s Gour City. The videos of the huge fire are viral on the internet and people are posting more videos of the burning of the society of 14th Avenue of Gour City. The rescue operations are ongoing at a fast pace. Various fire tender teams are present there to control the gigantic fire. It has been reported that the fire broke up due to a short circuit as per the initial report. Be with us to get the whole info about the incident.

Massive Fire

It is being told that the incident took place around 11.45 am when the neighboring people noticed flames and smoke from the flat. But in no time, it raised to a full-blown fire. The people at once informed the fire department. The fire department sent firefighters as soon as possible. People were putting their own efforts before the fire tenders reached. A big relief is that no causality has occurred. However, the atmosphere was scary and full of chaos, as the fire was spreading to other flats. There was a stampede in the whole society. Scroll down to know more.

Massive Fire Engulfs Gaur City’s 14th Avenue Society

It has been reported that a fire broke up in flat no. 2097 of 14th Avenue of Gour City. Gaur City is located in Sector-4 of Noida. The flat was locked from the outside. As no one was there in the house, no danger to life have been reported. The information about the owner of the flat is not known till now as the family may be out of the station, but the household goods are burnt to ashes, and the property is damaged to a large extent. The rescue teams are still present there.

As the Greater Noida Extention is overloaded with societies, the towers appear to be clinging. If an incident of fire occurs, it is a big threat to the whole society always. People are threatened by the fire incident and were in great panic. Some people are claiming that the fire was not because of a short circuit, it occurred because of a lighted lamp in the temple on the balcony of the house and the flames broke up into a massive fire. The nearby flats were evacuated for safety. The fire broke up in the L Tower of the society. It has been brought under control now. We will be back with the latest update. Stay tuned……..

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