Shocking! Morphed FB Photo Led to the Death of a 21-year-old Girl Vinupriya In Tamil Nadu

Shocking! Morphed FB Photo Led to the Death of a 21-year-old Girl Vinupriya In Tamil Nadu : – Vinupriya, who was the just 21-year-old student from Salem, TamilNadu finished her B.Sc in Chemistry. A unknown person posted a morphed nude and semi-nude photo of Vinupriya on the social networking site, Facebook. This incident shocked Vinupriya totally.


Vinupriya saw her second nude photo on the social networking site Facebook on June 26. After seeing her second nude photo on Facebook, she hanged herself.

The first morphed photo of Vinupriya has appeared on Facebook on 23rd June 2016. After seeing this, Vinupriya informed her parents. The parents of Vinupriya lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell in Tamilnadu.

Vinupriya could be saved if the police of Tamil Nadu took necessary steps towards complaint lodged by the parents of vinupriya. But police showed lack interest in the case and did not take steps as early as possible. Vinupriya’s Father told about it.

The father of Vinupriya also told that one police officer asked for a new mobile. The police said if you wanted the investigation to be done on time then you have purchased a new mobile for me. After this, the father of Vinupriya bought a mobile worth of Rs. 2000 and give to the cop.

The second nude photo of Vinupriya was posted on 26th June 2016 on social networking site Facebook. This incident traumatized Vinupriya. Without any prior investigation, the police officer already assumed that Vinupriya send the photo of herself to someone and perhaps the jilted lover, the receiver posted the photo of Vinupriya on the Facebook.

Vinupriya killed herself on 27th June 2016 when she was alone at home.

Suddenly the posted photo of Vinupriya disappeared within the hours from the Facebook after the death of Vinupriya becoming public. This proof that someone from the friends’ circle of Vinupriya posted the nude photo on the Facebook.

After the death of vinupriya, the family did not want to accept Vinupriya’s body after post-mortem until the police caught the culprit.

The Superitendent of Police assured the parents of Vinupriya that police will solve the case in next 48 hours. He also promised to suspended the two police officers.

Vinupriya wrote a suicide note before she killed herself. She wrote that her own parents had not fully trusted on her.


She wrote the suicide note in tamil language. She wrote a wonder line: “When you people do not believe me, what is the use of my living”.

Vinupriya begged for forgiveness again and again. Vinupriya swears on truth that she is not in in the photo in any way and she is not responsible for the photos appearing on Facebook. She also told that she did not send the photo of her own them to anyone.

In today’s modern era of technology, everyone uses latest technology and social networking site like Facebook. What happened to Vinupriya could happen to any one of us.

It is a lesson for those who consumes and embrace technology. If we are using technology, we need to learn to be tech-savvy.

This is not the good idea that you allow everyone to peep into your activity or life on the social networking site Facebook. Facebook has given the privacy setting for a reason, everyone have to use them to avoid such incidents in life.

The death of Vinupriya has shown that life is not simple in the 21st century of gadgets. The social networking site was meant to make friends not to kill someone. Social networking site Facebook became Vinupriya’s enemy.