Shocking news! Allahabad: 7-year-old Minor girl Rapped by teenager & then Killed

Shocking news! Allahabad: 7-year-old Minor girl Rapped by teenager & then Killed :- Shocked! the religious Sangam city Allahabad where the 7-year-old Minor girl wounded to death after being raped. Now, various rape incidents have been observed despite Nirbhaya matter that inflated fire streams across the country. Women have still needed protection also after improving the security and protection.

Allahabad A 7-year-old Minor girl stabbed to death after being raped

This has converted entirely shameful that before-mentioned incidents are not only appearing to the woman and teenage girls but also the little kids are being suffered due to remarkable evil men in the community. Added where the seven-year-old girl who lived in Allahabad was killed and after that she’s death 3 weeks succeeding being raped by a 14-year-old boy who is identified as a neighbor of that rapped kid.


According to report’s, The parents of the victim has been accusing the siblings and the family of the involved of the rape incident and murdering her 7-year-old daughter. This terrible incident caught site at Sikariha Chhata village in Allahabad on the 29th June 2016 at late night.

According to the statement where the SP Rajesh Srivastava of that area said that the incident occurred under Mauaima police station area, which is 50 km distance from the main city.

The Policemen reported that the 7-year-old child was raped while she was sleeping beside her mother. While the mother of the girl did not see her daughter, then she notified their family part and informed everyone. Also, the neighbors noticed the missed child. They also notified the policemen that her daughter was missing.

Shortly after notified of the incident, the police instantly hurried to the conflict point and they reached the dead body of the girl from a nearby area with cut marks on her body.

Beginning of the month, the 7-year girl was raped by a boy who lives beside her home. than the FIR was recorded according to a criticism provided by her mother of the girl and next the arrested was carried into custody and sent to juvenile place.

An FIR claim has been registered toward the family members of the arrested as they have a joint to this alleged incident.

The mother of the 7-year girls supposedly told that their strength is an association of the family members behind which the relative of the arrested has been caught by the Police.