Shocking News: Apple iPhone 7 Reportedly Exploded into flames and damages car

Shocking News: Apple iPhone 7 Reportedly Exploded into flames and damages car :- What the hell is happening with the top smartphone of the world’s top giant tech companies like as Apple and Samsung. It seems that these companies want to make more money, but do not give the qualitative smartphones to the customers. They are putting the life of the customers in danger.

Apple iPhone 7 – As per the reports from Australia that an Apple iPhone 7  has  been exploded in the car. No one can think about the iPhone 7 that it may be exploded. Tech Giant Apple launched this iPhone series iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus exactly a month ago.  Many Apple lovers managed to get their hands on their favorite smartphone.


There have been many reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire which led Samsung to refrain the flagship. This is the worst smartphone of the Samsung company.

iPhone 7 bursts into Flames in Australia

It seems that Apple iPhone 7 is walking in the same line of the track.  Recently, iPhone 7 user reported that his iPhone allegedly burst into flames and damaged his car too. Matt Jones – a surfer from South Coast of New South Wales, Australia posted the picture of his car after the fire and averred that it was caused by his iPhone 7.

Jones had left his phone wrapping under clothes in his car while he went surfing.  When he return after the surfing, he found the smoke filled in his car and that his phone burst into flames which damaged the interior of the car.

He said to a news channel that Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once I unwrapped the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it.  He further added that he brought the iPhone 7 just a week ago and there is no way that the phone is damaged prior to the fire and he had not used a foreign charger.


Apple got news about the incident as soon as it made news and is now investigating the incident as to why the phone got ignited.

This is the not the first time that such an incident was reported about Apple newest series of iPhone. In late September, it is reported that an iPhone 7 Plus has exploded while shipping even before reaching the user. The incidents are not big enough to call back the phones like Samsung does.

We have to wait and see whether it is just a rare incident or Apple lacked quality checks.