Shocking News! Bollywood Actor’s Parineeti Chopra Romance with Prabhas

Shocking News! Bollywood Actor’s Parineeti Chopra Romance with Prabhas :- Bahubali has earned a Global fame to the talented actor Prabhas and even Bollywood appreciates this new talent. After, getting lot of popularity in Baahubali, now the actor is all set to make his Bollywood debut.

According to the reports, Bollywood Biggest Production House UV Creations is keen to invest a heavy amount on Prabhas for his first Bollywood movie. The close source of the UV creations informed media wing that ” we are looking to invest Rs. 150 crore on a movie which will feature Prabhas as main lead and this movie will be made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil language by the help of Hollywood technicians.”


The close source further added that ” the pre-production work for the same movie has been started and now we are looking for cast and crew.”

Meanwhile, it quite understands that a Bollywood actress will be paired up with Prabhas in Bollywood movie. The name of Parineeta Chopra has come upfront. According to the reports, the actress has been approached for the same movie, and it is most likely that she will accept the proposal.

Although, Parineeta Chopra has not inked the project as she wants to look at her script in the movie, but makers are believing that the actress will definitely ink this contract.

Even, the official announcement about this movie will be soon made and till then we can only wait for such announcement.