Shocking News! Time You Got The Hint Twitter Trolls Meme Arvind Kejriwal Again

Shocking News! Time You Got The Hint Twitter Trolls Meme Arvind Kejriwal Again :- Twitter seems to have had enough of AAP Convenor and Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal’s antics on the micro-blogging site. What else could be concluded after Twitterati went no holds barred in trolling the Delhi chief minister for his latest tweet?


Trends show that the Delhi police are on an agenda driven crack-down on the party in the national capital, Kejriwal, on Friday, tweeted a cartoon that showed a policeman complaining to his senior about a man raising slogans. The officer is seen telling his junior ‘If he is from AAP, put him in jail.


The tweet was with reference to the slew of arrests of AAP leaders in recent times over an array of cases, ranging from corruption, physical abuse and sexual abuse.

AAP MLA Somanth Bharti  was arrested on Thursday over an alleged tiff with a security guard at AIIMS. Somnath Bharti is already facing charges of domestic abuse,

Amanatullah Khan who is AAP MLA from Okhla, was arrested last week on charges of sexual harassment filed by his sister-in-law.

While party MLA Naresh Yadav was held for desecration of Quran in Malarkotla, Punjab, while the former law minister Jitendra Singh Tomar was arrested in 2015 for producing a fake degree. And the list goes on.

AAP Minister Sandeep kumar was also arrested in the case of sex CD case.

The party has also been facing flak from the Lieutenant Governor and the general public in Delhi for the apparent mishandling of dengue and chikungunya outbreak in the city.

Tweeples posted their own version of Kejriwal’s tweet, hinting at growing disillusionment of the people against AAP.



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