Shocking Twist! Badho Bahu 24th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shocking Twist! Badho Bahu 24th October 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The TV series Badho Bahu, which airs on &TV is currently revolving around Badho aka Komal’s wedding. Badho is all set to marry Viren and she is happy to see that finally she is all set to tie the knot and her dreams come true to tie the knot.


But she feels Viren is a nice person so he is perfect for her anyway. Jamuna is happy for Badho, as she has got her perfect match. Badho gets ready for her Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies. Meanwhile, even Marjorie gets ready in the Indian attire. Lucky (Prince Narula) has fallen for Marjorie and Badho’s sister Pinky also likes Lucky.

Now the guests arrive for the Sangeet ceremony of Badho. Our blushing bride, Badho is brought for the ceremony and Mehendi is applied on her hands. On the other hand, Lucky is mesmerized on seeing Marjorie in Indian attire she was just looking perfect.

Raghubir arrives for the Sangeet ceremony and lashes out at Lucky as Lucky is decided to take part in the National champion, Zaalim Singh without asking his permission, whereas Rana defends him by confessing that it is not Rana’s fault.

Rana states that it was Zaalim Singh, who challenged them. Much to their surprise, Raghubir praises Lucky and he also motivates Lucky to take the challenge to defeat Zaalim Singh.

The Sangeet ceremony begins where Lucky and his friends dance and entertain the guests and Pinky also join them. During the entire ceremony, Lucky has eyes only on Marjorie and Pinky thinks that Lucky is in love with her.

Will Badho and Viren’s wedding take place without any obstacles it is yet to clear in the upcoming episode and whether Lucky win the wrestling match against Zaalim Singh it will be also interesting to see anyway?

Precap: Komal is crying and the people said that now Komal will be taunted for her whole life. Who will marry her now! Amuna ji says (to Raghubir ji) that he had turned their world upside down 8 years ago too. You did the same thing today by ruining my daughter’s life. Raghubir ji announces (before everyone) that Komal will marry his son Lucky.