Shocking! Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account is Hacked Report

Shocking! Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account is Hacked Report :- According to a media report released on Saturday Jack Dorsey who is the CEO of the Twitter found his account hacked after series of celebrity account hacks over the few months. This latest case has added yet another name to the list of high profile people who have been the victim of accounts hacking.


A group named as “OurMine” has come forward and take the responsibility of the Twitter CEO’s account hack. “OurMine” is the same group who was behind the hack of Facebook’s Chief Mark Zuckerberg’s and Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai social media accounts hack. They took the credit for this deed through a tweet.
A website “Engadget.com” claims that OurMine first posted few generous video clips followed up by a tweet at 2”50 AM ET stating that “Hey! Its OurMine and we are here testing your security” but afterwards they quickly deleted that tweet from the twitter. This message was also linked to a short video clip that was based on entertainment network vine.
Report also noted that all the tweets from 3.25AM onwards were posted by OurMine only through Vines on Dorsey’s account. Reports claims that OurMine got the access of Dorsey’s password through Vine account which could have used either shared or used password was being used by him for his twitter account and it may have happened that OurMine has somehow got access to that password.
Whenever someone was trying to open the link that the hackers posted following message was returned:” the link that you are trying to access has been identified by twitter or our partners as potentially harmful” while the other link that was connected to Vine was showcasing the message:”user deleted the record”.
Recently the group has also compromised the account of Evan Williams who is the EX-CEO as well as co-founder of the micro-blogging site. As this news surfaced up it was followed by other news that proclaims that the group has used some malware so that they can have access to more than 32 millions twitter accounts credentials. Moreover Techcrunch.com which is another technology website stated that group has already sold these 32 Twitter accounts on dark web.
In these few months celebrities like Daniels EK, singers like Drake and Lana Del Rey, actress as well as comedian Chelsa Handler and NFL professional American Footbal League etc all have been in the hit list of hackers. Apart from that in the month of January hackers compromised the accounts of Twitter’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Head of Twitter’s Ventures Mr Anthony Noto. It cause the generation of many spam messages.
Lately faddish career oriented platform “Linkedin” has also asked its 400 million users to stay safe when they were notified about the data breach. They didn’t want to repeat what happened four years ago. Four years ago Linkedin was hit by a massive data breach that resulted in the loss of about 167 millions accounts and credentials. Linkedin provided explanations to its users and then came out with the necessary ways to protect the data of the users.