Shraddha will kill Thapki and blames Bihaan! Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyar Ki” shown that the Thapki Stopped Bihaan from insulting the Visarjit Shiv Ling in river by admitted the truth in front of Bihaan. Thapki was not aware that Bihaan’s family is already awares of her truth as they were just behind her when she was spoken the whole truth. Now the entire Pandey family is aware of the Thapki.

Shraddha will kill Thapki and blames Bihaan! Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now after knowing the Thapki’s truth it is Babuji regretted himself for misunderstanding and asked Thapki to come back in the Pandey home. Dhruv also said sorry to Thapki and seek apologised for misunderstood her. Now Dhruv thanked his grandmother because she called Dhruv and reveal the entire good truth about the Thapki.

Thapki and Bihaan agreed to come back home and now the Bihaan’s mother welcomed both in their house. But Vasundhara is not happy with the coming of the Bihaan and Thapki but she is actually forced to welcome them.

Now Bihaan said to the Thapki that now we are making our comeback in the Pandey house, as a proud husband and wife. Bihaan also said to Thapki that because of the you actually I proved my worth.

Now Bihaan asked Thapki to take a selfie before coming in the house, Thapki smiles and blushes. But with the entry of the Thapki it is from now onwards Shradha is feeling insecure.

Now Bihaan has been come towards came to Shradha and kept knife on her throat and make her scared and now Bihaan asked Shradha to back 7500/- of balance rent to him. She got agreed and filled with fear. To save her life Shraddha decided to give him the whole money now.

Bihaan said this is the precious money of my hard earning money, after getting the money back from the Shraddha. Now Bihaan took Shradha in store room and asked her to assume pink balloon as once because of you it is with the white balloon as Thapki and out it burst on them.

Shradha frustrated and became very angry on the Bihaan but she has to do the same. Bihaan feels very happy to defeats Shraddha.

Precap: Shradha gets frustrate and behave madly in the front of her mother in law and her mother-in-law has been entering in the store room. Vasundhara is making sure to keep her house safe.

Now Thapki and Bihaan had been seen worry for the Shradhdha as Shraddha will be surely seeking revenge from the Bihaan and Thapki as Shraddha is like that.