Sid tells his plan to DD! Jamai Raja 10th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Jamai Raja” stats with the Sid is talking to Yash and says it is good that you knew it all now. He asks him to be careful. Yash asks him not to worry and go home and check. Raj tells Sid that they don’t need any security. Sid insists.

Sid tells his plan to DD! Jamai Raja 10th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now all of sudden Sid watches TV and sees joker giving a message through an act. He thinks Ayesha is in danger. DD meets her clients about the new jewellery line. Sid comes and looks disturbed. DD asks him to be present. Sid throws the milk and now Sid tells to Roshni that milk is containing poison. Roshni says Yash have drunk tea and he is fine. Now everybody wants to know why DD’s Jamai is tensed.

Now DD said that currently we should only think about our business. Now Raj scolds the guards as they follow him and asks them to go. He senses someone’s presence and thinks he saw joker. Joker is seen keeping eye on him. It is shown that Sid did something embarrassing for the reputation of DD.

Now Roshni talks about DD’s embarrassment. Sid says he is not mad and says there is a reason for his behaviour. Ayesha asks Sid why he is shouting on her mum and asks him to say sorry. Sid angrily asks ask that I’ll not say sorry to the mummy and Papa. Roshni gets angry too and leaves. Right now Sid is not interested about his behaviour in fact he is only thinking about the joker’s massage.

Now Raj is about to drink it, but Sid throws the coffee on floor as he recalls the joker’s message. Also Sid stops himself from Raj to have the coffee. Raj asked to Sid what happen. Sid said he is tensed. Sid also seek apologise from Roshni for his misbehaviour towards her mom but Roshni says in their relationship there is no place for the sorry.

Now Roshni asked to Sid why he did so with DD and Ayesha. Sid says he is anxious so he did so. Ayesha is scared to see Sid’s behaviour but Roshni make her understand that it is actually Sid is tensed. And Ayesha gets sleep now.
Precap: Sid finds the hidden camera in Ayesha’s toy joker and thinks that joker gets to know everything through this toy joker.