Simar says everything is over! Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The yesterday night episode of the daily soap “Sasural Simar Ka” begins with Sujata says we can’t give up and if we should fight in order to fight with the Chandra Maani. They see the Prem’s picture and think about his love for the Simar. Chndra now come in the front of Prem and asked him, are you thinking about Simar now. Prem decides to not giving reply to the Chandra Maani now.

Simar says everything is over! Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Chandra Maani said to Simar that something very unpleasant is going to happen with your family and your daughter Anjali. Simar is now shocked to hear so and started crying. Now Chandra Maani looked on and showcases her next scene which is actually plan by Chandra Maani in order to ruin the Simar’s life.

Now Simar is shocked to see that Pari had been seen planning to sell Anjali for human trafficking as it can fetch them lots of money. Sattu is very happy to hear so and give his nod for the same. Actually, it is Pari want to sell Anjali to have money as Jahnvi clears this that now we know that you want to kill Maa as you want money and now Maa is with Simar, so you can’t kill her.

Shame on you! Chandra said, you save your Maa, how you will save your daughter Anjali now as in order to have money, it is Pari and Sattu will be definitely sell Anjali. And please don’t rush to save Anjali now as now you have to save Prerna also, I mean her honor.

It is actually, Sid is going to rape Prerna as show the scene in which Prerna had an argument with Sid as Sid was forcing Prerna to drink when Prerna opposed Sid compel her to do so but Prerna now slap him. So now Sid drags Prerna alone in a room and throws her in the bed as well Sid locks the door.

Chandra said to Simar, now either you will have to save Anjali from being got sold out or you will have to save Prerna’s honour which is all set to taken by Sid now.

Simar asked to Chandra, you can’t do this. Please stop it as now I can’t choose one, between my daughter and woman’s dignity. Maani said to Simar, don’t waste time, go and save one, unless, both event will be happened and let me know what you going to be choose. Smar cries and shocked to see so and turn down anxious.