Simar shocked to see blood on wall! Sasural Simar Ka 15th March 2016 Episode Written Update

The episode of the haunted TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” starts with Simar is saying whatever happening around the Bharadwaj house is not our fault. She thinks everything has been creates by perhaps Malti, then why should we leave our house. We will stay here. Uma says to Simar that but these souls can harm us.

Simar shocked to see blood on wall! Sasural Simar Ka 15th March 2016 Episode Written Update

Simar says about this that if we have been united, they can’t harm us then. Mata Ji gives her nod to the Simar. Now Simar shows a thread that the Guru Maa gave this to me, it will protect us from these souls. Now Mata Ji speaks her regular emotional dialogue that I came here in this Bharadwaj house in the Doli now my dead-body will leave this house.

Simar says to Mata Ji that, I am with you. They all hold hands. Now Mata Ji asked about Sid? Mata Ji asked Roli to call him so Roli call him but Sid scolded her that I denied you to call me na, I am busy in the meeting right now. Now Roli finds Sid’s behaviour is the sceptical.

Simar shocked to see blood on wall and she challenges the souls that you can’t harm my family I am there always with my family and I will keep protecting my family.

Now the Kal Pisaj is appears and laughs. Mata Ji asked to Simar where is Khushi. Simar says in her room, Mata Ji says now it is risky to leave the kids alone as the ghost cans posses anyone. Now Mata Ji hears the voice of the Malti and she whispers I am here with this winds which is blowing and she laughs. The Bharadwaj family gets scared. Malti appears. Mata Ji asked to the Malti why you are doing these.

Now Malti try to hypnotized Simar but fail to do so as there is always Mata Rani’s power with Simar.

Next morning, Kal pisaj scared Khushi and try to kill her but thankfully Simar saved her. Now Simar asked to the Malti what you want, Malti says I want the Chandan Maai then I will leave. Simar says I can’t leave my family and I can’t lose the Chandan Maani.

Now Simar and the Malti challenge each other to win the Chandan Maani. Malti says to Simar let’s see who win to have the Chandan Maani.