Simar Tries to Kill Mataji! Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2016 Today Episode Written Update

Simar Tries to Kill Mataji! Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2016 Today Episode Written Update : In the yesterday night episode of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka started with Mataji is saying that Simar needs to prove her innocence first before talking to Prem. Prem give his nod. Mataji says we have to stay here as the media catch us here. Now Mata Ji chooses a room and decisdes to settle there and she also throws all the stuffs of the real Bharadwaj family.

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2016  Written Updates

Prerna says to Simar the day you played, I decide to make your life riddle and I did so. Prerna said I can remember I used to leave here with my family and this was my room which has been taking over by you. So now you should pay for it.

Now Chanda take over the Prerna’s body so Prerna is doing whatever Chanda wanted. And now Prerna said to Simar that now she is going with Prem to have dinner. Simar is anxious now. Chanda, Amar, Prem they all went to have lunch but they shocked to see that Simar is in temple with Mata Jee and both of them are praying.

Chanda feels something and she asked to Sid that now we need to rush to the house as something is definitely going on in the Bharadwaj family now and Chanda went to the Bharadwaj house. On the other hand, she thinks to find out who is the woman praying in Ghunghat.

Sid reached to the temple and touch the woman but when the woman in Ghunghat turn towards Sid, Sid is shocked to that the woman in Ghunghat is not Mata Jee and the packet of the Sindoor fall down and Sid remembers everything of his past life.

Rajhinder also recalled everything and realised that they has been trapped by Chanda and Simar gives Aarti to everybody but somehow Chanda get to know these all and she fumes on Simar and decides to do some supernatural stuffs on Prem and Mata Ji as they are with her.

Precap: Someone tries killing Mataji and run away. Prem stops her and shocked to see, she is the Simar.