Singapore teen blogger ‘Amos Yee’ granted US asylum

Singapore teen blogger ‘Amos Yee’ granted US asylum :- Amos Yee, 18, had been detained by authorities since December when he was taken into custody at Chicago’s International airport.

On Friday, Judge Samuel paved the way for his release.

Yee left Singapore with seeking asylum in the US after being jailed for several weeks. He hurt the religious feelings of Muslims as well as Christians.

He created controversy in 2015 and many of his blog posts criticised Singapore’s leaders.

The case, which raised questions about free speech has been watched abroad.

Cole said Yee’s prison sentence was “long” especially for his age.

Officials at the Singapore embassy in Washington have not addressed the case and messages left were not returned.

Yee’s Grossman said- “He’s very excited to begin the new life in the United States”.

Yee said from jail- “I fear to return to Singapore. But I will speak out and planned a line of T-shirts and writing a book about my experiences. I have infinite ideas about it.”

Security Department tells- Yee’s case did not qualify on political beliefs. Attorneys have 1 month to appeal.

Human Rights Director Phil said- he hoped the US government would let the ruling stand.

“Singapore is good at creating an environment for free thinkers who dares the political as well as economic. It’s clear the government saw Yee as the nail sticking up that had to be hammered down.”