Singur decision: SC quashes Tata land deal, tells West Bengal to return plot to farmers in 12 weeks

New Delhi : Today the Supreme Court set out the land taken by the West Bengal government in 2006 in Singur for Tata Motors to set up for its Nano car production industry. The authority of justices Gopala Gowda and Arun Kumar Mishra commanded the state government to take ownership of the 1,000-acre area and redistribute it amongst the landowners inside 12 weeks.

SC quashes Tata land deal, tells West Bengal to return plot to farmers in 12 weeks

Also, The court procedure means a greater victory for Mamta Banerjee and the TMC, which had begun the objection on the allocation of land for the Tata factory. Although placing by the Calcutta High Court order of supporting the recovery process.

Further, The Supreme Court judges ordered that the property was bad in law on rare grounds and that taking the land from the settlers for giving it to a corporation for a car factory could not come under the Circumference of public purpose.

Tata Motors moved the Calcutta High Court asking the government. The recovery of the land was confirmed by an analysis court and the order passed by the Trinamool Congress-led state government was held illegal on demand.

The court declared You can’t contend that they (ranchers) have acknowledged the grant so they can’t claim the obtainment. This case is under the distinctive balance.

There are a few issues which should be replied. Senior promoters showing up for the organization had presented that the matter ought to allude to the constitution seat.

Which was not acknowledged by the seat which proceeded with the hearing?The state government had moved the zenith court against the High Court request which had struck down the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act 2011 that permitted it to recover the 400 sections of land in the area given to Tata Motors.