Sita cries & Run! SKR Siya Ke Ram 20th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sita cries & Run! SKR Siya Ke Ram 20th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram begins with Sita Learns about Ram’s Decision Ram tells Sita that she can visit the Rishis and seek their blessings. The next day, Laxman accompanies Sita and hesitantly tells Sita about Ram’s shocking decision.


Much before that Ram asked Laxman to take Sita to take her to the Rishi’s Ashram, Ram also asked to Sita that she need to take blessings from Rishi Muni as Sita once wishes for that and now Ram wants her to take so. Now Laxman and Sita are ready to leave for the Ashram.

Now Sita asked to Laxman before leaving for the Ashram she need to meet with Raghunandan in order to seek blessings from him but Laxman asked to Sita that may be because of his tiredness now Ram is taking rest. He also asked to Sita that we need to go to Ashram ASAP as we are getting late.

Sita still insists to meet with Ram and she called Ram but Ram did not reply anything. Sita thinks may be Ram is sleeping that is why he did not reply me back. Ram is actually broken down in tears in his room and Sita is also sceptical of Ram as this is not possible that Ram will not reply me when I will call him.

Now Laxman and Sita reached to the jungle where Laxman asked Sita with teary eyes that Ram abandon her. Sita is shocked and she said that if even the god asked to her that Ram abandons her, she won’t believe her. Laxman said that I hope and want your words to come true but ultimate truth is that Ram abandons you.

Sita asked Laxman why Raghunandan did so to her and Laxman said it is not Raghunandan announced to abandon you; it is Ayodhya’s Maryada Purushottam announced that as society raised questions on your character.

Sita is shattered and she asked Laxman that Raghunandan punished her for something which she did not do and she also said that she can’t take it that people will consider her impure, rather she is actually pure.

Precap: Sita says society will always say that Sita was impure, and that’s why Ram has abandoned me, Ayodhya king Ram has not left any option for me rather than giving up my life. Laxman gets shocked and asks her to stop. Sita cries and runs.