Sita walks inside the Fire! Siya Ke Ram 5th September Episode Written Updates

Sita walks inside the Fire! Siya Ke Ram 5th September Episode Written Updates : The show starts with Vivbhishan coming back to Lanka along with Ram, Laxman and others. They all does the Rajya Tilak of Vibhishan and he sits on the throne and Laxman brings the crown and put on his head. Everyone chants Vivbhishan’s name.



Siya ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Vibhishan told everyone that we all will move to Ashok Vatika to meet Sita maa. On the other side, Ram was standing on the shore of the sea. The inner self of Ram comes out and remind him about the Maryada of Raaghukul. Laxman comes there and he asked Ram to get ready to meet Sita.

Ram says go and take permission from Devi Sita. Laxman gets shocked and he says why you are taking permission from Sita bhabhi? Ram says it’s my order and asked him to go.

Ram goes and meets Sita. He greets Sita and she blesses her. Laxman told Sita that Ram is asking her permission to meet her. Sita says permission from me. She asked Laxman to bring Ram.

Trijata told Sita that she will prepare the Aarti thali for Ram. Sita asked Trijata to stay with her with Ram will meet her. Meanwhile, whole Vanar Sena, Asur Sena, Sugreev, Vivbhishan, Angad, Kakashi, Laxman and Ram moves towards Ashok Vatika.

Everyone meets Sita and greets her. Sita was looking for Ram. Ram goes there and meets him. Ram signs Hanuman and later, Hanuman asked everyone to leave Ram and Sita alone for some time.

Ram and Sita came close and Ram forwards his hand towards Sita and Sita holds his hand. Music plays and flowers get showered from the Sky. But Ram takes his hand from the Sita and called Sita Devi. Sita get shocked and asked why you are calling me Devi?

Ram says Devi Sita I won this war because of you and you gave me strength but you cannot come with me Ayodhya. Sita asked why? Ram says there is some Maryada and you can stay here in Lanka, or in Mithila, or somewhere else, but you cannot come to Ayodhya. Sita cries.

Trijata hears this and gets shocked. She goes out and informs everyone about this. Laxman says it is not possible. Trijaya says I have heard this from my hears. Then, Laxman along with everyone went to meet Ram and he asked Ram Is it true that Sita bhabhi cannot come with us to Ayodhya? Ram says yes and there is a reason behind this. Everyone get shocked.


In the upcoming episode, Suprnukha will say what will people says about Sita has stayed with Ravan and Is she pure or not. Laxman shouts Suprnakha. Sita says I will give Agni Pariksha and I will crossfire and if I am pure than nothinmg will happen to me, otherwise I will get burnt. Laxman says No.