Six ways to Improve your Business Starting Today

So, you say you want to improve your business, and you want to do it fast. Well then, I have good news for you! I have five tips that can help your business starting today. The world of entrepreneurship may seem a bit daunting. Of course, for anyone trying something they have never done before (especially in the world of business), it may seem downright impossible.

introverts, whose tendencies lean more towards the “I only talk to people if they talk to me first” category, or for the extroverts, whose lives are full of personal contact on a daily basis, entrepreneurship is still something that takes work. Lucky for you, it is not impossible, and EVERYONE has the genes to do it.

We have for you five ways to improve your business (and fast!). You may know some of some of these tips already, or you may not. For some of you, this is only a refresher. All the same, sit back and enjoy. And get yourself an americano too (cause you obviously deserve it)

  • Who is your competition?

Do you even know? We are today the most privileged generation of all time. At our fingertips is unlimited access to the entire world. We are ourselves in the age of knowledge indeed.

That being said, search for yourself Google, or platforms like it, to find the people who are at the top of their game. Learn what they do. Study and realize what type of entrepreneur you want to be, and then emulate what you see.

There are websites that will aid you in your search to find other competitors, strategies, and the like. Platforms like AdBeat and Similar Web are good places to start, and easy to use. Try them out and see what you think.

  • Make a sales funnel

What this does is find out what your turn out is juxtaposed to the number of audience members reached. For instance, say you send out a million emails (a dubious number indeed), and only 50% clicked on it. Then you find out the number of people who took the next step. This may be significantly lower than those who actually took the bait in the first place.

The funnel continues downward until you get to the number of people who actually became a part of what you were doing, bought your product, signed up for more, or whatever it is you are attempting to get them to do.

What this looks like on paper is an upside down funnel, segmented with your various sections and what you mark them as.

Visually getting a grasp on what you are accomplishing will teach you a lot o about what you need to do better, or what you are doing well. Sales funnels can help dramatically.

  • Use social media platforms

You don’t need to do everything on your website. Use the fact that we are living in (as I called it before) the age of knowledge. Think now about the millions of individuals who use a portion of their days on website like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace (that was a joke), Snapchat, and things similar. If you could successfully get your own product onto one (if not all) of these, and learn to get good at social media advertising. You will be well on your way to growing your business.

  • Use Freelancing Sites

As far as freelance work goes. You might be thinking, “Why should I choose a freelancer?” The answer is that hiring a freelancer may actually be your safest bet for good and affordable labor. And if you are requiring something that is not that difficult to be done, then hire someone who is entry level. is one of the leading platforms for exactly this.

You will be happy, because you got the work you needed for a lower price, and the worker will be happy, because he got paid.

  • Find ways that will generate passive income

This is one the top ways to succeed in the working world. Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, you name it! Seriously think about looking into ways to work work work, but then, enjoy the benefits of your labor without having to attend to it every day. The amount you are willing to put into it is the amount you are going to get out.

School books are a viable way to generate passive income (as well as any books for that matter). Music and YouTube can generate money by the number of listen-tos or views. You can also use the freelancing method to outsource most of the work from your business.

  • Work on your mindset

According to simply having a more entrepreneurial mindset can help you conquer your mountain.  But you may be wondering, how to do that, since you have probably started your business already.  Well you can never grow enough in this area. Read all the books you can get your hands on, follow your favorite entrepreneurs harder, etc. Good things come the more you put into your mindset.

So then…

I truly wish you the best. Be confident. Sit up straight. Eat your veggies. Understand that you CAN do it. Be bold and don’t look back. What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain? What are you willing to risk? Why am I still asking questions?

Ask yourself these questions, and perhaps take seriously how you are living your life. For, how you live your life—habits and all—will affect how you approach the world of business. Just watch; just wait; you’ll see.