Hanuman flies Off! Siya Ke Ram 10th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Hanuman flies Off! Siya Ke Ram 10th August 2016 Episode Written Updates : The show starts with Ram asking Laksham to get up and follow my orders like you always used to do.

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Hanuman informs Ram that he found the Lakshman in the north direction and he was stunned in mud. And he saw Megnath there and there is a chances that Megnadh must have hurt Laksham.

On the other side, Megnadh returns back in Sri Lanka and gave the Lakshman’s blood filled cloth to Raavan. Everyone present there became happy and Ravan asked Megnadh that why he did not killed Ram? Megnadh says he  will also kill Ram very soon.

Meanwhile, Vaid Ji checks Laksham and everyone that Laksham is serious. He applies a lap on Lakshman’s body. On the other side, Raavan was really happy with the news of Lakshman’s and was shouting that ” every Devtas cheated me , but now i will take revenge from them and will also kill Vishu.

Ram applies the lep to Laxman’s wounds and Hanuman asked will Laxman get fine? Vaid ji says these herbs will affect him but if this fails then, I don’t have any other herbs to save his life.

Raavan meets Sita and handed over the bloodied cloth of Lakshman and informs her that Lakshman is killed and now, Ram will be killed too. Sita did not believe it and cries after hearing this news. He also told Sita that this all happens because of her as she denied Raavan to marry.

Then, he leaves and one of the servants of Sita came there and told her that this is true that Lakshman is killed, but Megnadh killed him by the cheat.  Sita cries

Meanwhile, said Ji informed Ram that this lap will not heal Lakshman, but it will heal him for some time. Ram asked is there another way of healing Lakshman. Vivhishan says I do not know as I am totally unaware of the power of Megnadh.

On the other side, Sita was seen crying and was praying that Maa Gauri will heal Lakshman. Trijata told her that if Lakshman is still alive, then there is only one way to heal him. Sita says we need to inform Ram about this and Trijata says I will inform him for sure.


In the upcoming episode, Vaid J says Laxman’s life can come back in his body by that herb. Ram tells Hanuman that just he can save Laxman’s life now. Hanuman flies off. A huge snake tells Hanuman that he will kill those Sanyasis.