Siya Ke Ram 10th October 2016 Written Updates! Lav & Kush Fight With Bharat

Siya Ke Ram 10th October 2016 Written Updates! Lav & Kush Fight With Bharat :- The show starts with the Guru Vashisht tells Ram that all ancestral of Raghukul have done this Ashwamedha Yagya and it succeed at all time. No one catch the horse because people respects Raghukul and its king. Ram recall Sita and said that I got to know you when you stopped the horse Sita. Lav and Kush shoot at the arrows of Laxman and burst them.


Laxman falls down. Soldiers ran away. Lav and Kush is very happy to see this. Sumant tells Ram that it is a big disaster. Suddenly, guru vashisht asks what happens sumanta. Sumanta tells that two boys captured the horse and laxman lost to the boys. Guru vashisht asks who are they. Sumanta says that they are those who came here to sing the Ram katha. Ram worries. Sumanta further says that they does not free the horse until Sita gets justice. They want to talk to Ram and seek the answers.

Maruti ties Laxman to the tree. Laxman smiles and says that I had won many wars but this time I lost. But I am not worry about this because I am glad, it is punishment for leaving Sita in the jungle. Kush says that if someone realized his mistake and repent for it, he gets free from the crime, Mums says that.

Sita arrives at the scene and scolds both of them. Sita says that I will never forgive you both because you create hurdle in the Ram’s Ashwamedha yagya and you have challenged him for the war. Kush asks Sita was it right to leave Sita in the jungle. Sita asks them to keep quiet. I can not hear a word against Ram.

Kaushlaya says that I felt that they are our boys. Kaikeyi also says that they are the children of Sita. Sumitra says that it is possible that they love Sita so they captured the horse to get justice for Sita. I feel Vandevi is our Sita.

Lav and Kush go to Sita and said that we did big crime to captured the horse without your permission. We can bear anything, but not your sorrow and pain. We will free the horse. Sita says that my can not do crime.

Lav and kush go to Laxman and ask for some food. But Laxman says that I am your detainee, I am your enemy. What can be your motive to give the food to enemy. Kush says that we know the rules of the war. Lav says that how can be laxman eat the food because he ties to the tree. Kush frees Laxman. Then they give the food. Laxman starts to eat the food. Laxman starts crying and says that it is very tasty food and Sita used to make such food during vanvaas. Lav says that Sita did not make this food, our mother Vandevi made this food.

Hanuman says it is worry to thing that Shatrughan and Bharat are coming to fight. Lav says to Laxman to eat food and we will see them. Laxman looks on them.

Precap: Lav and Kush win over the Bharat and Shatrughan. They ask them to send Ram for the war. Ram says Laxman that you are the brave warrior even if you lost to those boys. Laxman says that they want justice for Sita and want to fight with Ram. Ram says that I know who can beat these boys. Hanuman goes to fight with Lav and Kush.