Sulochana angry on Raavan! Siya Ke Ram 15th August 2016 Written Updates

Sulochana angry on Raavan! Siya Ke Ram 15th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with the last scene as Laxman asked Megnadh to lift his weapon as he does not attack weaponless person. Megnadh lifts his tri hull and runs toward the Laxman, but at time Laxman jumped over it and Megnadh falls down and dies.


Everyone is happy, including Bhivishan, although he has a tear in his eyes. Ram came to him and gave him condolence on the death of his maternal son.

Raavan hears the news of his death, so he rushes towards the place where Laxman in Meghna’s was fighting. He found that Megadeth’s wife Suklochna was there and she was crying.

Sulochna holds the body of the Megnadh and were crying. Raavan tries to go the body of his son, but Sulochna warns him to not come close to him as he is a selfish man and just because of him, her husband is dead.

She also told Raavan that h has no right to his son and he does not need to touch his body Raavan. Raavan told her that Meghnadh is ahis son and he has complete right on him.

He also added that today my son died and I will take the revenge from Ram and Laxman. I will kill them both and will bring the head to you. They both will have to pay for doing this, I will not let them live.

But Solouchna told him that No, you will not go to the war as my husband is killed and I have full right on him and this is my responsibility to take the revenge of his death.

I will go to the war and will face Ram and Laxman. Raavan says but you are a girl and now Megnadh is not here, so its’s my responsibility to protect you, so I will not let you go anywhere.

Raavan leaves that place and goes to his temple and ask Lord Shiva and started shouting that how a normal human kill my family. His, other nine faces generated and he shouts.