Ram is worried! Siya Ke Ram 15th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ram is worried! Siya Ke Ram 15th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram begins to showcase when Ram asked Sita to prove her purity and chastity. Ram hears in his court that a woman suffering from injustice and Ram is there to do justice with her. Ram asked the woman to speak about the issue.


And she said that her husband who is a Dhobhi Bhadra want to leave his wife as she stays out of the house for a night. Bhadra asked Ram that is why he has thrown his wife out of the house, Bhadra also asked Ram that he is not like Ram as he still his wife Sita still when she was with Ravan.

Ram orders Bhadra to accept his wife, but he refuses and also he raised question that how he can accept Sita now. So now Ram decides to prove Sita’s chastity. He asks Lakshman to request Guru Vashisth to visit Rajbhavan. And he is also deeply hurt to hear questions regarding to Sita’s chastity as he is unable to believe that Sita can be impure.

But he is in no mood to punish Bhadra for his evil words as he is on one hand peaceful nature king on the other hand he believes that every individual have right to keep his point of views. Sita is also worried to see that Raghunandan is anxious; she is keen to know why he is anxious.

Ram thinks to discuss the important issue with the saints and then he should take a decision regarding Sita and this issue. He is also making sure that his decision should be proved good for Janata (Citizen) of the kingdom as he is always there for his kingdom and citizen.

Precap: Badra says if Ram has to save his Maryada, he has to leave his wife as now she must be impure. Ram dressed as a commoner hears Badra. Kaikeyi tells Ram that society does not believe woman’s purity and society also want a proved for the same.

Guru Vashisht tells Ram about the king’s duty to obey Dharm and customs first and he should not care if it will be cost his personal life and relationship.