Laxman is Crying! Siya Ke Ram 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Laxman is Crying! Siya Ke Ram 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Guru Vashisht to tell him the dilemma in his heart. Ram asked Guru Vashist that I am unable to understand that how to maintain a balance between my personal life and my duties. Guru Vashisht told him that a king has to take every decision just for the betterment of his Praja, and he needs to sacrifice his life and happiness for the sake of his Praja.


Ram says a king is also a father and father, then how he would be able to make a decision that can satisfy everyone. Guru Vashisht told him that if a King must take a decision as a son, then the decision should be ideal for all children and if he King has to make a decision as a father, then a decision should be ideal for all the fathers of the Praja.

Guru Vashist told Ram that your father send you to vanswass because he made a word to Kaikesi and he took care of the Maryada and dharma of a king. But, if he would have taken the decision as a father then he would never have sent you for vanswas.

Guru Vashisht told him that I am sure you will take of the Gurukul’s Dharam and Maryana and your every decision will be for the betterment of Praja. Ram Greets Guru Vashisht leave from there. Laxman came there and asked why he is worried? Ram leaves without saying anything.

Mandvi and Shrutkriti asked Sita to tech them a way to get freat belief on their love. Sita says I just believed on Ram and him never disappointed me. Urmila asked Sita why you are married and where Ram went Yesterday? Sita says nothing and Ram are now a king and it is not possible for him to tell me everything.

Laxman, Bharat, and Shatrughan talks about Ram. Laxman says Ram is hiding something. Bharat says yes he looks worried for some time. On the other hand, Ram asked his mothers if any women are pure but the society believes her impure, so it is right to regard that woman as impure.

Kaikesi its unfortunate but it is truth. She says a society decided the character of women. Kaushalya says no one truly understands how difficult it is for a king to take a decision, who consider Praja ahead of his life.

The men asked Badra how he can dare to insult Ram and Sita? They told him that they would have killed him, but Ram forgives him. Ram came there in commoners dress. Men asked Badra to apologize to Ram and Sita as Sita is pure and she has proved her pureness by giving the Agnipariksha. Badra says he will not apologize to anyone because he has not done anything wrong.

He says Sita spend many nights at Ravana’s house, so how she can be pure. Badra asked men if, your wife return home after spending a night at someone’s place them will you forgive her? Men got silent, and Ram shocked and left from there.

Ram returns and thinks he can not stay away from Sita. Ram removes his crown and leave. But, Crown followed him, and he got shocked. Later, Ram holds his head and shouts. Sita came there and asked what happened? Ram throne and crown will be the reason for our distance and no, can separate us. Riya says yes, and she hugs her. Ram cried and asked what if I will take a decision against you. Sita cries and says Ram’s decision will never be wrong for Sita. Pida Man Ki Jana Na plays.


Ram will be his brothers that to keep the Raghukul’s Maryada and customs; I have to abandon Sita and my relation with her. Laxman, Shatrughan, and Bharat get shocked. Ram says Sita has to bear another vanwas. Ram asked Laxman to take Sita to Jungle. Laxman cries.