Ram & Laxman are unconscious! Siya Ke Ram 17th August 2016 Written Updates

Ram & Laxman are unconscious! Siya Ke Ram 17th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show stars with the scene of Megadeth’s final ritual, Raavan was holding the fire lamp to give his son final rites. Sulochna comes with full bridal makeup and she told everyone that even she will burn with her husband’s death body.


Siya Ke Ram 17th August 2016 Written Updates

But Sita came there and explained to her that she need to live on, for turning the bad deeds of his husband and she has to live with her family. Sita also asked her to be the mirror of good deeds of her husband. Soluchna agrees to Sita’s saying and she decided to live on. Then, Ravana light up the dead body of his son Megnadh.

On the others side, Ram told all the Vanar Sena that we had killed all the Asur and now Ravaan is left and soon he will be killed. Then, Laxman says then after him who will take care of Lanka.

Ram says Vivhishan will be the new king of Lanka after the death of the Raavan. Ram brings water and asked Vivbhisan to be the new king of Lanka and Ram gave him a flower.

Vivhishan says I just want to follow your path and whatever you will ask me to do I will do the same and if you want me to be the king of Lanka then, I will do same and will take care of the Praja of Lanka. Everyone started chanting Lankesh Vivbhisan and Ram.

Then, Vivhishan went toward Lanka and go in the Rajya Sabha. Raavan shouts on him, but Vivbhisan feels at the feet of Raavan and smiles evilly. Vivbhisan was actually the brother of Ravana and his name was Ahirravaan.

Ahiravaan promises Ravana that he will kill both Laxman and Ram but not with a sword. He will take them to Patelli Devi and will sacrifice both of them.

in the next scene, Ram felt that a poisonous gas is spreading, he asked everyone to evacuate. Everyone along with Surgreev and other Vanar Sena fades and fell sown. Sonn, Laxman, and Ram fell down too. Hanuman says I have to do something to stop it.


In the upcoming episode, Vivbhisan says who did this. Ahi Ravana says who else can do this, except me and now, I will sacrifice them to Pateli Devi. Ahiravvan will call Pateli Devi and asked her to accept these two humans. Sita will seen saying no! this can not happens.