Laxman shoots at a devil! SKR Siya Ke Ram 19th August 2016 Written Updates

Laxman shoots at a devil! SKR Siya Ke Ram 19th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show stars with Hanuman asking Ram and Laxman to pen the yes. Ram and Laxman open the eyes and Laxman asked where are we. Ram says its Pataal Lok. Hanuman told them that Ahiraavan brought them here to sacrifice to Pateli Devi.


SKR Siya Ke Ram 19th August 2016 Written Updates

Then, Hanuman gets bigger in size and asked them to climb on him. Ram and Laxman climb on Hanuman. They all moved from Patal Lok. On the other side, Vivhishan along with whole Vannar sena was waiting for Hanuman, Ram, and Laxman.

Then, Hanuman arrived there with Ram and Laxman. Ram thanked Hanuman and told him that he is his real devotee as he always helped him in his all problems. Hanuman cries and asked Ram that the main aim of his life is to serve him and also asked Ram to never separate him with him. Then, he cries and “Mere Mann Me Ram” plays.

On the other side, Trijata informed Sita that Hanuman has saved Ram and Laxman. Sita gets happy and thanked Yogmata and she also told Trijata that it’s time for the downfall of Ravana.

In between these, Raavan was preparing for the fight as he was getting ready for the fight with all his weapons. He told his Asur Saana that how this is a fight for a glory and you all have to fight for yourself.

On the other side, Vibhisan told Ram about every weapon of the Raavan. But Ram says we should not underestimate the power of the Ravan as he is very intelligent and we should forget how powerful he is and we should respect him.

Mandodrari went to stop, Ravaan from going to the war but Ravvan denies him and goes then. Ravan is followed by his army. Ravaan thinks that Ram has nothing that requires to kill him. Ram raises his bow and Sita says the war has begun.


In the upcoming episode, Raavan aims at Ram and laughs. Ravaan says now, you have to die at the hand of Ravaan. Ram and Ravaan shoots at each other.