Ram is crying! SKR Siya Ke Ram 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Ram is crying! SKR Siya Ke Ram 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram begins with Ram take his shocking decision bound by his responsibilities as a king, Ram decides to give up on Sita. Later, he asks Laxman to tell Sita about his decision to send her out of Ayodhya.


Before that Ram thinks to give up his duty as a king as he is very sure about it that Sita is pure but if Bhadra is speaking about Sita’s character than it is crystal clear that the people of society also think that as Bhadra is the mirror of the society.

So he decided to stay in Vanvaas with Sita like again, he also share the same with his three brothers Bharath, Shatrughan and Laxman. The brothers are shocked to know this and Bharath also asked to Ram that being a washer man how Bhadra dare can raise questions on our Bhabhi’s (Sister in law) character but Ram said that Bhadra is a part of society so we need to follow him.

On the other hand, Sita prays to god that being a king of Ayodhya let Ram remain king of Ayodhya always as for me the citizens of Ayodhya need to be happy always. She also thinks that no king can be better for rather than Raghunandan.

Ram seek apology from the Ragukul statue that he will be leave his duty as a king for sake of his wife but Raghukul statue asked to him that for your personal cause how can you give up your duty. You need to thinks about your citizen and duty first then you can think of your near and dear ones. Ram is shattered to realised that he have to leave Sita.

Rajpurohit (Saint) also asked to him that he have to follow his duty and Ram asked to Laxman that he need to take Sita to leave her in the Vatika in the house of Rishi (Saints). Laxman is broken down to know so how he can leave Sita to Vatika, Bharath and Shathrughan console him.

Ram asked to Sita that he want that being a pregnant she need to seek blessings from the Rishi of Vatika and Sita gives nod. Ram is totally broken down as he said untruth to Sita but he have no other choice.

It is crystal clear between his personal life and duty, Ram chooses his duty as he needs to stay there always for his citizens, whether it can cost anything he is ready for the same.

Precap: Laxman asks Sita where are you taking me, we are going to take Rishi’s blessings and then we will return to Rajbhavan. Laxman cries and said forgive me; Ram has sacrificed you to obey his Rajdharm.

Sita is shocked to hear so and in Ayodha Ram is broken down in tears.