Hanuman helps Sita! SKR Siya Ke Ram 21st September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Hanuman helps Sita! SKR Siya Ke Ram 21st September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Sita asking Laxman why Ram break his promise to live with me forever? She told Laxman that Ram has abandoned such wife who always supported her but why be abandoned me? Laxman says for the sake of Maryada. Sita asked what kind of Maryada did I break?


Laxman told Sita that Praja believes you are impure because you stayed with Asur and your people of Ayodhya do not believe on your Agnipariksha and that’s why Ram has to abandoned you.

Sita says Ram proved the society people by abandoned me as now they will think that Sita is impure, and it will not end Praja’s doubt. Sita says Ram proved praja’s doubt right, and now, there is no need me to live. Sita ran to die and Laxman followed her.

Sita reached the end of the cliff, but Laxman stopped her by telling her that Ram was ready to sacrifice his throne for the sake of you, and he loves you a lot. Sita says I am not believing, but there is no need me to live. Laxman asked her to live for the sake of her upcoming womb. Sita holds her stomach and cries. Laxman says you will forgive me, but I will never forgive myself, and he leaves.

On the other side, Sita’s sister looked for her and asked Bharat have he seen her? Bharat told them to get habitual of living without Sita as Ram has abandoned her and Laxman went to leave her in Nirjal Van. They all get shocked.

Sita prayed to Mata and asked Mata to guide her. Devi came there and told Sita that she would destroy the Raaghukul because they have insulted Sita. But, Sita stopped her and told Devi that I would call you when I hand over my child to Ram. Mata agreed and showed Sita the way to jungle.

All the three Mata asked Ram why he did do this? Ram was silent. Urmila told Ram that we sister treated you like a Lord but you ruined our belief by abandoning Sita. Kaikesi says I will never forget you because you abandoned Sita without thinking that she has a child in her womb.

Guru Vashisht asked Ram to answer. Otherwise, the whole world will doubt on his pure nature. Ram told everyone that I had not abandoned Sita but a kind has left his wife.

Ram says Mata I asked you women’s purity in our society, and you told me that society judges the purity of woman. Ram says I even asked Guru Vashihst, and he told me that a King takes a decision that remains equal for everyone. This force me to take this decision. Ram and everyone cries.


In the upcoming episode, Hanuman will see Sita’s state, and he is shocked. Then, he will disguise the phase of a small boy and will take Sita to Ashram. Sita will hold her womb and will fall. Ram will move toward her.