Sita hugs Janak & Cries! Siya Ke Ram 22nd September 2016 Written Updates

Sita hugs Janak & Cries! Siya Ke Ram 22nd September 2016 Written Updates :-  The last night episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram showcase that Maruti is standing by Sita’s Side Hanuman disguises himself as a kid, Maruti and provides food to Sita. He also arranges a place for Sita to stay at an ashram and months pass by!


Much before that it is after Laxman save Sita from giving up her life she is now just wondering in the jungle without eating something. Ram feels Sita’s pain who is currently suffering in the jungle. Ram asked to Hanuman that he is the only person who can sort out the issue Sita is having.

Ram asked Hanuman to take care of Sita as he is totally shattered to see that Sita is in pain. Hanuman asked to Ram that he will be surely going to Sita for sorting out her issue and to give her a complete and perfect accommodation.

Hanuman is having teary eyes on seeing that Sita is suffering in grief and he take a kid’s form and asked her to take rest as well handover to her some fruits as she is hungry. He also asked to the Rishi Muni that Raghuveer’s wife Sita is suffering here in the Vanvaas.

So Rishi Muni asked to Sita that till her Vanvaas time will not complete she should stay here in the Ashram and being Raja Dashrath’s daughter and Raghunandan’s wife I will try to provide every luxury to you. After some month Sita have the labour pain and she delivered twin kids, Luv and Kush.

Raja Janak arrived in the Ayodha where he shocked to know that since Ram’s 14 years Vanvaas ends, he actually sends Sita to Vanvaas as he abandons his wife by considering her impure as she was kidnapped by Ravaana.

Sita’s sister embraced Raja Janak and broken down in tears thinking of their elder sister Sita. Janak thinks to meet with Sita in the Ashram and he meet where Sita chit chat with him by hugging him.

Precap: Janak asks Sita will she not meet him. Sita cries and says the woman who is regarded impure, how can now she faces Ram. He says you are Vaidehi, Mithila’s daughter. Sita hugs Janak and cries. Janak asked her to come in Mithila with her.