Siya Ke Ram 24th October 2016 Today Written Updates! Ram Proceeds To Sita’s Hut

Siya Ke Ram 24th October 2016 Today Written Updates! Ram Proceeds To Sita’s Hut :- The mythological TV series SKR aka Siya Ke Ram is now yet to showcase that due to Ram have seen bad dream he just thinks to sort out the issue anyway.


In the last week episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram it has been shown that Sita is sitting in the Angan sadly and then Luv and Kush arrive at her to seek an apology from her but Sita refused to speak with them and to give them pardon.

Now Luv and Kush asked their mother Sita that if she won’t forgive them then they will be leaving this village forever and will be going somewhere by leaving Sita alone. After hearing this Sita just embraced Luv and Kush with teary eyes. Hanuman is watching the total scene with teary eyes from somewhere.

Laxman then meets Mandvi, Urmila, and Shurukriti in the palace and ask them that where they three are going. They say that they are going to meet her sister.

Bharat asks them that it will not right now good to meet with Sita as she is in pain now but Ram arrived and asked to them that we can’t stop them to meet with Sita as they are dying to meet with their Didi Sita.

Then Ram calls the Praja and the minister to announce that from today no woman here in the Ayodhya will be giving their chastity test and he also announced that now he is all set to bring back her Sita here in the Ayodhya.

The Prajas and the ministers are very happy to see that Ram is all set to bring Sita here in the Ayodhya and they share their joy to see Sita. Sita’s sisters asked Sita that Ram will be coming here in the Valmiki Ashram to take his Sita with him and Sita goes in teary eyes after hearing that.

Now Ram asked Sita in the Ashram after he came back that he need to come with him but Sita refused to come with him as she thinks that her destiny doesn’t permit her to be with Ram. Luv and Kush now asked Sita that if she will not come with Ram then they will be going somewhere anyway so now Sita and Ram decided to be together for Luv and Kush.

So now Sita gives nod to come here on the Ayodhya and she comes where she receives a massive welcome with Ram. Everybody is now happy to see Sita here and seek pardon for if they did something wrong to her. Sita is now with Ram happily in Ayodhya.

Precap: Sita asked Ram that one day she will be going from the Ayodhya anyway. Ram and Guru Vashisths both go shocked and looked on.