Siya Ke Ram 24th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Ram Gets Shocked

Siya Ke Ram 24th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Ram Gets Shocked :- The mythological TV series Siya Ke Ram begins with Ayodhya waits for Sita and Janak decides to go to Rishi Valmiki’s ashram upon learning that Sita is in danger. The next day, Ram eagerly waits for Sita to return with him to Ayodhya. Will she will be coming to Ayodhya it is yet to clear.


The episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram further showcases that Sita looks worried in the Valmiki Ashram and Ram arrives there to meet with her. Hanuman asked Ram is everything is fine and Ram asked Sita that he come here on the Valmiki Ashram as he was worried for Sita.

Now Sita is getting ready in her Dulhan attire and the entire Ayodhya citizen is happy to see that Sita is all set to comeback in the Ayodhya, but in the Valmiki Ashram Sita announced that she can’t come with Ram and the Ayodhya citizen as she feels that whatever happened with her it was just humiliation for her.

Badhra seek apology from Sita as he thinks that because of him today Sita is in grief and anger and said that she is in no mood to go to the Ayodhya but Sita announced that she won’t forgive him as she thinks it is his mistake for what happen with her, it is mistake of the mentality which the society is having.

Sita thinks of she will be going back to the Ayodhya then it will be the humiliation for the entire womanhood not only of Sita so now Sita decided that she won’t go back to Ayodhya from Ashram but now she is relaxed as she handover Raghunandan’s sons Luv and Kush to him.

Ram look shattered to know Sita’s decision but Sit announced that she is having one other plan for her which she is yet to reveals. Kaushalya pledge to Sita that she should come back to Ayodhya for the sake of Ayodhya citizens but Sita asked to her that this is not possible for her to go back to the Ayodhya anyway.

Precap: Sita says my character was stained and my purity was doubted so now I can’t go back to the Ayodhya. I swear by water, earth, fire, air, sky that I was born by the earth today I will return to that earth’s lap forever. Ram gets stunned.