Raavan Get Shocked! SKR Siya Ke Ram 27th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Raavan Get Shocked! SKR Siya Ke Ram 27th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Kumbhkaran tells whenever I lose in battle tomorrow, then agree that that vanvasis are not normal humans and confess to Ram and plead for your life and also deliver that Devi Sita to vanvasi Ram. After the Kumbhkaran lines, Raavan gets offended. Kumbhkaran goes in the fight and smiles. Ram stares at him.

Siya Ke Ram

SKR Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Where before this incident, Raavan reaches to his Kaksh and understands his spiritual soul informing him that he is happy with war closing decision.

Return Sita to vanvasi Ram quickly, when anybody goes to confess to Ram or gets his avatar, before, He tells your choice to confess to Ram is best.

While Lankapati Raavan will confess to Ram in front of everybody, believe how much proud will you think, come in Ram’s feet, wherever Vanvasi Ram does not pardon you.

When you scream holding his toes, then he will pardon you, you are Trilok pati Lankesh, you got fearful of Ram.

How can you be so troubled man, no you can’t be that extraordinary Raavan, you can’t be Lankesh.

Raavan gets irritated and breaks the mirror. He screams high I m Lankesh, not sick, I m best, I will end Ram’s life by killing him.

Vibhishan begs in the cover. Ram comes there and tells you two brothers have so much variance. Vibhishan tells Shri Ram, there was a moment when Lankesh was excellent Shiv devotee and a big Gyaani.

He used to completely love to us, he was nice and assured me that I can live my life individually, so I moved Asur world and walked on Krishna’s devotion track.

But since of Lankesh, our relationship changed and I have regarded Dharm path by dropping Adharm, although nature will forever see me with wonder.

Ram tells the decision to step on Dharm way is always difficult, therefore the man takes the light Adharm path, still whoever has strength and confidence to walk on Dharm path.

The day forever remembers them, that’s why the world will forever remember you Vibhishan.

Raavan tells tomorrow will be closing day of Ram’s life and Meghnadh does preparing for my flight. Mayasura gets there and tells you won’t go in war Lankesh.

Meghnadh addresses him as Nanashri. Raavan walks to Mayasura and stops him. He tells you here Mayasura says Lankesh, you would be offended seeing me here.

But you are my daughter’s husband, therefore I have to think of your real, I did not come to prevent you from going to battle, the war began.

Momentarily it can’t be finished. Raavan replies I m blessed that you came here by ignoring the irritation and displeasure toward me, what information did you come to deliver me.

Mayasura tells the army goes war, I did not come to hold you, yet I came to tell you war strategy. Meghnadh tells Nanashri, I will go rather Pitashri.

Mayasura responds no, you are the prince and Lanka’s Fate, you won’t go. Raavan questions who will go then. Mayasura tells war requires powerful warriors.

And further huge viewing, discussing whom enemy’s army gets reeled up. Meghnadh questions who is such people. Mayasura asks him to believe.

Raavan tells my brother, Kumbhkaran, he is enormous and strong, he is excellent in all Rakshaks, Ram, and complete vanar sena will fall by his violence.

Kumbhkaran will go in battle tomorrow. They laugh. The fighters hit the drums and get sound by playing shank to rise up Kumbhkaran.

Raavan and Meghnadh come there. Raavan tells make extra sound, wake my brother Kumbhkaran.