Kumbhkaran fights with Ram! Siya Ke Ram 28th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kumbhkaran fights with Ram! Siya Ke Ram 28th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The episode starts with the Vibhishan, Where Vibhishan asks for Kumbhkaran did he decide Adharm path by leaving Dharm path, While Kumbhkaran gets angry and he tells move away from my way, otherwise, I will neglect you are my brother.


Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Then suddenly, Kumbhkaran laughs and questions to Vibhishan, who are most powerful enough to challenge him and after that, he goes to move on Ram and his army side.

Before this incident where Raavan says that I did not raise you to hear this about Dharm and also Kumbhkaran says, you did not understand me and Vibhishan.

That’s why this is occurring, Then Raavan asks him to go and sleep whenever he has no energy left, I don’t need any coward brother, remember about Dharm, While Dharm tells a brother should help another brother in a hard time.

Kumbhkaran says I m doing same and obeying my duty, I m not doubtful, I m your younger brother, it’s my duty to save you from any danger till I m alive, younger brother is friend and servant.

Until tomorrow’s morning, Where both sanyasi’s heads will be on your heels, however, if I get killed by Ram, assume that they are not normal humans.

And also, No one can lose them, So return Devi Sita to lord Ram and regret to him for your guilt, We lose or win this battle, don’t neglect, what you did is illegal. Then Raavan gets angry and Kumbhkaran leaves there.

Vibhishan says Ram that its big fire and Ram asks what disaster. Vibhishan tells Lankesh called Kumbhkaran from his sleep, that’s why the earth is quaking.

He will come in battle alternatively Lankesh, he is my dear brother and he is a large man, he understands Dharm, he did not do unspecified sin in his life.

However, Lankesh has made him a member of his crime today. Sugreev tells Kumbhkaran can stop himself from starting this war. Hanuman asks Ram shall we tell Kumbhkaran not to enroll the fight.

Ram tells Kumbhkaran is doing work towards his brother, that’s why he chose to enter the battleground, we should do our developments.

Mandodari tells Pitashri, that you ever stayed against Raavan, how did you choose to help Lankesh in this process and you are supporting Adharm.

Mayasura says that there is one plan to stop Raavan by helping him, and we have to tell him the separation between Dharm and Adharm. A huge disturbance at home can make him understand his mistake.

Kaikesi favors Kumbhkaran and tells I m proud of you, as you are going to the battleground for Lankesh and Kumbhkaran tells don’t bless me to win, in fact, bless me to be on Dharm, he gets weak whenever he gets opposite Dharm.

Kumbhkaran tells Raavan has ordered Ram for this war by his Adharm and Kaikesi replies I think you lost your minds by your sleep, you forgot my values and Asur kul Maryada.

He tells it’s not a time to believe in your powers given to me, it’s time to think of values you gave to Raavan, I will go in the battleground to take my part.