Laxman Shoots at Kumbhkaran! Siya Ke Ram 29th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Laxman Shoots at Kumbhkaran! Siya Ke Ram 29th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series, Siya Ke Ram starts with Ravan asking his soldiers to wake up and he also announced that Khumbhkaran should wake up now. Meghnath says seems it will be difficult to make him wake up.

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Soldiers started playing Dhols, Nagadas and many other instruments. Meghnath announced that he will apply his all power in the process by which Kumbhkaran should wake up and they try their best to make him wake up.

They said that Ravan needs him in this war so they are busy to make him awake to see that all goes in vain as still Kumbhkaran has been seen sleeping. Sita hears the voice of Dhols and Nagaras and she asked to Trijata that is in Lanka there is any celebration.

Trijata says no actually Ravan is trying to wake his brother Kumbhkaran as Ravan thinks that he will be there to support Ram but she said that but I am sceptical as Kumbhkaran is good from his hearts so might he will refuse to help Ravan as Ravan is doing Adharm.

Sita also asked about him that I also meet with Kumbhkaran once he is really a nice guy. Ravan says to the soldier that he will not wake up until you guys need to bring some delicious food for him and they did so by which Kumbhkaran woke up.

Kumbhkaran woke up and he asked for everyone who dares to wake me up to know that Lanka is in danger they need his help to protect Ravan and Lanka from Ram. Kumbhkaran says about this that now Asurs and Lanka will be finished as Ravan is doing Adharm.

Ravan fumes on anger on seeing Kumbhkaran’s attitude and he asked to Kumbhkaran that if you can’t help me then go and sleep. But Kumbhkaran said about this that I can’t stop me from doing my duties and my duty is to support my brother Ravan.

I am going to support my brother Ravan whether he will be doing Dharma or Adharma although I meet with Sita once, and she is a nice lady and whatever Ravan is doing with her that is wrong. Kumbhkaran further added that I am doing this against of my heart to save Lanka only.

But in case if I loose and die on the battlefield then please just seek forgiveness’ from Shree Ram and make sure that you will return Sita Maa to him it will stop you from committing a sin.

On the other hand, Vibhishan went to Ram and make him beware by saying that Ravan is planning a dangerous conspiracy against him and he is also ready to call you in the battlefield.

When Vibhishan sees Kumbhkaran in the battlefield he asked to him that why he choose to support Adharma, Kumbhkaran said that he is doing so to save Lanka and he also asked Vibhishan to stay apart from him unless he will forget that Vibhishan is his brother.