Hanuman Meet Raavan! Siya Ke Ram 2nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Hanuman Meet Raavan! Siya Ke Ram 2nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the mythological TV series Siya Ke Ram begins with Ravan is getting news that Ram has killed Kumbhakaran, Ravan is shocked and he said that this is false news as nobody can kill my brother Kumbhakaran.

Siye Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

He is a Sarva Shaktimaan. Ravan further added that this is a conspiracy of my enemies to makes me weak but I won’t be weak.

Ravan asked his soldiers that I will not spare Ram as he said untruth to me that he killed Kumbahakaran as he wanted to make me weak so I won’t leave him but first I will kill all of you as you bring untruth news.

Mayasur asked Ravan that it is truth news that Kumbhakaran has died and Mandoori is now broken down in tears and asked Ravan to accept the fact that Kumbhakaran has died now.

After listening so Ravan is fuming on anger and he asked for rushes to Sita where he announced that Ram killed Kumbhakaran my powerful brother so now I won’t leave him. Sita is not speaking with Ravan now and Ravan asked to her that you love Ram right so now you will need to pay for it.

I will kill you, Ravan announced but Mayasur pledge to Ravan that it will not a Dharam to kill a woman, on the other hand, Kakasei is broken down in tears as she losses Kumbhakaran. Ravan said that he only now needs to seek revenge from Ram.

Now Ram has been seen organising a Puja for his deceased father Dashrath where Vibhishan is also there. Ram is now worried that he need a Gyaani Brahman to do the Puja where he can get a Gyaani person, Vibhishan said that Sarva Gyaani person is Lankesh himself, Ram looks on.

Precap: Ram says Raavan’s ego can’t make him help me. Hanuman asks him not to worry, I will go and get Lankesh here, you just prepared for the Puja now.