Sita gets Shocked! Siya Ke Ram 2nd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sita gets Shocked! Siya Ke Ram 2nd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Sita and Ram talking to each other. Sita says I knew you will find me. Ram asked her how you could trust me? Sita says this is my love for you that make me believe you. Ram told Sita that he won the war because of her belief in him. Sita rests on Ram’s shoulder and when Ram opens his eyes Sita was gone.

Ram’s inner self came out and told Ram that he is forgetting Raaghukul and he should not forget this. He asked Ram to remember this always as many people fell into illusion and get affected by it. The name Raghukul is given by the ancestors and you should not forget that you are from Raghukul.

Next day, Laxman calls Ram and told him that Vivbhishan has brought Kaikesi here. Ram greets Kaikesi and thanked her for coming to meet him. Kaikesi says you have conquered my Lanka and my all son are dead and one has joined hands with an enemy, so there is no option for me to come here except anything. She also asked him who will be the king of Lanka you or Laxman.

Ram told her that Vivbhisan will be the king of the Lanka. Vibhishan say how I can become the king? My people hate me because I joined hands with me and even my mother hates me.

Ram asked Kaikesi to forgive Vivbhishan. He makes her realise that she loves and cares about Vivbhishan. Kaikeshi told Ram that it is her fortune that she meet him. And his parent must be really fortune to have the son like you.

Vivbhishan asked Vivbhishan do you forgive me, Mata? Kaikesi says yes. Ram asked Laxman to start preparing for the Rjaya Abhishekh of Vivbhishan.

Kaikesi went back to Lanka and told Sulochna about the Rajya Abhishekh. Sulochna told Kaikesi that I called Surpnakha as we all have to move from the Lanka.

Kaikesi told her that Ram has denied being the king and announced Vivbhishan to be the king of Lanka and we all do not need to go anywhere. Kaikesi says Sita is now our guest and make sure, Surpunakha does not harm her.

On the other side, Supunakha went to Sita’s place and was moving toward her. Mandodari came there and asked her to stop. Meanwhile, Sulochnaa was looking for Surpnakha in her kaksh and she thinks maybe she did mistake to call her again back in Lanka.

Sulochna reached Sita’s place and asked Surpnakha to stop. She says Sita is our guest. Suprnakha looks at Sita and says, guest?


In the upcoming episode, Trijata will tell Sita that she will get aarti plate get ready. Sita asked her to be with her when Ram will come. Ram comes and Sita cries seeing him. They meet and Ram will tell Sita that she cannot come with him back to Ayodhya. Sita will get shocked