Siya Ke Ram 30th September 2016 Written Updates Episode! Lav & Kush go to ram

Siya Ke Ram 30th September 2016 Written Updates Episode! Lav & Kush go to ram :- The show starts with Ram telling Hanuman that how unlucky I am that I even don’t know whether I have a son or daughter. Ram says I meet that boy and I think my son will of same age like that boy. Hanuman thinks I need to do something as Ram want to meet his children.


On the other hand, Valmiki told Si. Sita says I knew that it was going to happen. Sita says I knew it was destined but I never had though that this will come that much soon. Sita says I accepted the truth but I don’t want my son to hate their father.

Ram thanked Hanumna for taking care of his children. Hanuman asked Ram for permitting him doing something good for him. Ram told Hanuman to do anything but it should not be against the Raj Maryada.

Valmiki told Sita to send Luv and Kush as it is the time for them to meet their father. Sita cries and leave. Valmiki taught Ramayana to Luv and Kush. But, Kush says its name must be changed to Sitayan as Sita has sacrificed a lot and how Shri Ram let his Raj Dharam ahead of Patni Dharam. They both leave.

Maruti meet them and told them that he is going to see Shree Ram. Luv Kush says our mother will never allow us. Hanuman went to talk to Sita. Hanuman told Sita that it’s good for society to know the real story of Ram and Sita. Sita says I need to talk to Gurudev. Valmiki asked Sita to let go Luv Kush and we should get ourselves prepare for all the truth. Sita agrees.

Sita does the aarti of Luv Kush and asked them to meet Shri Ram with love and respect. Lav Kush agreed and left. In Ayodhya, both Love Khush sing Ramayan and people get emotional and thinks Sita left everything to support Ram and then, Ram abandoned her because of her.

Sita prays to Lord Mata and asked her to make the meeting of her sons and their father well enough.


Luv Kush will ask Ram about Sita and told Ram that we came to meet Maa Sita. Ram leaves Rajya Sabha. Luv Kush asked Mandvi where is Sita Maa and why Shri Ram left the Rajya Sabha without answering.