Sita slaps lav & kush! Siya Ke Ram 3rd October 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sita slaps lav & kush! Siya Ke Ram 3rd October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The today’s  episode starts with Luv and Kush saying about the glory of her mother Sita. They told that Sita is so soft hearted that she did not recognised Raavan and crossed the limit line for obeying her dharam. He kidnapped Sita and Sita shouted for help but nobody was there to help her. He took Sita to his Lanka. They tell about Sita bearing the torture of Raavan. Dhobi Badra too hears the story and cries.


They continue Sita and Rama katha. Ram and his family listen to the katha with happiness. Ram gets emotional. They tell Hanuman, saying how he burned the lanka with his tail. They say – Ram chandra ki Jai. They greet laxman. Lav says that they want to meet mata Sita. Again, Kush says we want to meet Mata Sita, where she is. After listening these words, Ram cries and leaves the Rajya Sabha. Ram goes his kaksh and shut the door and again starting cry here.

Lav and Kush visit around the palace and at last reach Ram’s kaksh. But, Laxman stops them and ask them what are you seeing here. They say we want to see Mata Sita. Laxman says she does not stay here, Ram would be resting, come and meet Mata Kaushlya.

Meeting with mata kaushlya, Kush asks why did Sita leave Ram alone. Kaushlya says she did not leave palace by her wish. The people of Ayodhya did not to see Sita as their queen, so she went to jungle. Kush says the man left his innocent wife for praja’s sake, he can not be a good human and caretaker. Laxman and Kaushlya shocked to hear this. kush asks Luv to come.

Kush says that we can not stay that place where a woman get insulted. Lav says yes, we come at a wrong place. Laxman wants to stop them, but kush says that no need to call me son, you are not a good man. In angry mood, Lav says that the husband who leaves his innocent wife, can not be a ideal man. Lav further says that the wife who supported her husband, what did she get, such bad behaviour and cheat. Kush says that you are all heartless people who torture an innocent woman and leave her alone in jungle for surviving. Lav and kush leave the palace. In a sad mood, Ram looks on the face of Laxman and Kaushlya and stands silent.

Precap: Badri feels sorry to Ram about stainign Sita’s character. Saint Valmiki asks Lav and Kush to not to judge anything without the complete knowledge of anything. They argue and say that Ram is not an ideal man. After hearing this, Sita slaps him. Kush in a rude manner says that we said what we heard and seen, that is truth.