Will Ram marry again? Siya Ke Ram 4th October 2016 Written Updates Episode

Will Ram marry again? Siya Ke Ram 4th October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Badra apologizing to Ram for insulting Sita. Ram was busy in his thought. Badra kept apologizing from Ram for doubting Sita’s character. Ram hold Badra and asked him to forgive everything.


Ram told Badra that he has forgiven him and now he can go back and get relief from any guilty. Badra asked Ram to bring back Sita. Then, Badra leaves. On the other side, Valmiki talks to Lav and Khus and told them that there is nothing wrong about Ramayan.

Luv and Kush told Valmiki that Ram is not an ideal king after sending his wife to Vanvas. Valmiki asked them to not make any assumption about anyone without knowing the actual truth about it. Luv and Kush say sorry we cannot call him an ideal king.

Sita came there and slapped Kush. On the other side, Ram, Laxman, and Kaushlya were admiring Sita’s idol in Ram’s room. Kaushalya asked Ram to bring back the Sita . Laxman says we should not delay in bringing the happiness back by bringing Sita back. But, Ram was silent and he says I know Sita will never come back here.

Sita asked Luv and Kush to not utter a single word against King as one has no right to talk about a king. But Luv and Kush argues that there will never believe that Ram is a good king. Sita asked them are they doubting Gurudev’s Ramayan?

Luv and Kush says may be Gurudev does not know about Ram. Sita cries and Luv and Kush leaves. Ram sits against Sita’s idol and cries. Kaushlaya asked Ram to bring the Sita as Praja want him to bring her back. Ram says nothing can happen in Ayodhya as I did Adarm with Sita.

Laxman came there and asked Ram to meet Guru Vashisht. Guru Vashisht asked Ram to organize Ashwamegh yay as this anusthan will make Praja happy. Ram says for doing the Ashwamegh yay, one need to be married and Sita is not here so I can’t perform this puja. Rishi asked Ram to get remarried. Ram get shocked and Laxman gets shocked. Guru Vashisht looks at Ram.


In the upcoming episode, Ram says I can’t remarry. Rishi says its necessary to remarry to keep the Anushtaan. Mandvi says Sita’s existence will end by Ram’s decision. Sita is seen crying.