(SKR) Siya Ke Ram 5th October Written Updates Episode! Sita is crying

(SKR) Siya Ke Ram 5th October Written Updates Episode! Sita is crying :- Today’ episode stars with Sita seeing the soldiers of Ayodhya. Sita says why they come and do they know me. The man greets Saint Valmiki and tell about the decision of Ram to do Ashwamedha Yagya. They says that Ram invites you along with your gurukul students. But Sita says that How can Ram do this yagya.

Ram also says it is impossible, I can not remarry. But Rishi says all the kings have done more than one marriage for the sake of the kingdom. But Ram says I can not remarry. Rishi says We know that you love Sita, but you have to remarry for the sake of people of Ayodhya. Ram says that you are right, but marriage is a union of two souls and a man is everything for his wife.


Sita ask Guru Mata that can a king do Ashwamedha yagya without his wife. Guru Mata says that it is impossible and do yagya without wife, then it is meaningless. Sita thinks that Ram does the second marriage. She goes to her kaksh and starting crying. She says that you also accepted that your Sita is impure. She cries and fell on the ground.

Saint Valmiki goes to kaksh and asks Hanuman everything is fine. Hanuman tells about the sorrow of Sita to Valmiki. Valmiki enters the kaksh after hearing about that Sita is crying. After this Hanuman thinks to go to Ayodhya and talk to Mata Kaushlya.

Hanuman reaches and asks Mata Kaushlya to stop this yagya. We all know that Ram loves only Sita and he can not marry with the other woman in the world. Mata Kaushlya says that I can understand your state, we are all in same state. We can not think ourself. We have to think about the sake of the people of the Ayodhya. Hanuman says that it is no need to second marry when Sita can be recalled at Raj Bhawan. Praja also wants that Sita comes back. Badri also feels sorry to Ram. Mata Kaushlya says that I wish but now it is too late. Hanuman cries.

Ram repeated that I can not remarry. Janak comes and says that Ram is great. All greets Janak. Janak says Ram you are really great. You make a new maryada to protect the woman’s self esteem. Rishi says we agree with you but Ashwamedha yagya will not happen without the wife of Ram. Janak says Ram can do the yagya with the idol of Sita. Janak says Lord Shiva is regarded complete without his wife, so Ram is also complete without his wife. Praja become happy. Ram greets Janak. Valmiki says Ram you are great. Sita will become witness of your love.

Precap: Sita says I want to know the woman who sits with Ram in Ashwamedha yagya. Her souls leaves her body. She goes there and sees that Ram sits with the idol of Sita. Ram asks Sita where are you, I want to see you, come back please. Sita cries seeing him in this state.